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By taking part in the Ansiklopedia Project, you can share your content and earn certain percentages.

You can send the form below to us via the Contact Section.

Your name and your surname :

Your age :

Where you live:

Gender :

In Which Category Would You Like To Be A Writer? :

Do you have previous writing experience? :

How did you hear about the Encyclopedia Brand? :

Will you write your articles as originals or excerpts? :

Your Reference Articles, if any:

You can send the above form to the Management by CLICKING HERE. You will get feedback as soon as possible.

NOTE: You can share a maximum of 10 topics during the day and a fee of 1 TL per each post will be charged to your account.

payments are sent to the account with IBAN on the 6th of every month.

Shooting is done on a weekly or monthly basis.