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What You Need To Know Abot The Fox

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Another member of the Canidae family is the Fox, which is notorious for its cunning. The most common type of red fox, which is frequently found in Europe, Asia, North Africa and South America, is encountered by campers in almost every part of Turkey. Especially the red fox, which chooses to live in forest areas, countryside and fields, can adapt to different habitats, so it is possible to encounter a fox at any time. The city and areas close to the city, highway and highway sides are ideal spots for foxes to feed.

About Foxes

With their agile body structures, they move quickly, smell very well and have a strong sense of hearing. It is possible to say that they are good hunters with these features. They hunt animals such as rabbits, mice, chickens, and birds. They are both carnivorous and herbivorous, and grasshoppers and insects are also good food choices for foxes. Foxes, which have too many alternatives to feed, do not attack people unless they are very hungry. But that doesn't mean foxes don't attack humans.

Although not many in Turkey, many fox attacks have been recorded that will set an example in the world. Campgrounds are ideal addresses where they can find food. A fox that had to struggle with hunger for a long time in nature will not want to miss this opportunity. They are cute in appearance and have structures suitable for taming. Still, trying to feed a fox means disrupting the natural balance of life, so DO NOT FEED!

What you need to know about the fox

Before answering the question of what to do if you encounter a fox, it is useful to know these things about foxes;
  • Foxes are creatures that depend on nest life. Tree groves, rock cavities, and bushes are ideal nesting areas. During the spring months, which are the calving periods, the mother fox and her cubs prefer to hide in their nests. During this phase, the father hunts and carries food to the mother. This is the period when they are most protective and sensitive. It is important to research whether there is a fox nest near the place you have chosen for camping.

  • The length of an adult fox is around 1 meter with its tail. Its height is 40 cm. Average 7-9 kg. These animals are agile and fast. 

  • They usually hunt alone, wandering alone. If you encounter a large group of foxes, it is a mother and her cubs teaching their cubs to hunt. When you have cubs with you, you may encounter a more aggressive attitude like all other creatures with a protection instinct.

  • Foxes are "omnivores" animals. That is, it is both carnivorous and herbivorous. They hunt at night and are rarely seen during the day.

Ways to Keep Foxes Away from the Campground

The rule of thumb is to check if there is a fox den near your campsite and never leave any open food inside the campsite! With their strong sense of smell, foxes can even smell food from afar and track them. Keeping your waste and food in a closed, sheltered area, and performing the camp site cleaning immediately should be at the top of your list of things to consider.

Like all living things, members of the wild are afraid of light and noise above a certain level. If you encounter a fox at the campsite, you can make it go away by making sharp, intense and loud noises. Strong light source is also an ideal solution to miss. Foxes, which are as timid as they are daring, respond to sudden sound and light responses by escaping.

What should you do if you encounter a fox? 

First rule; DO NOT DAMAGE! – Just like coyotes, they are creatures that live in the area they define. Their territory is their sanctuary, they multiply there, live there and hunt around that region. If you've ever encountered a fox, they most likely have a nest somewhere nearby.
We have said that foxes are timid, if you come across them they will usually leave the area and run away from you. So stop and wait. If it continues to come towards you, then you can make the fox startle by making rapid movements as if you are picking up a stone or throwing something.

Foxes can attack if cornered and have nowhere to run. Therefore, the place where you meet is important. For example, trying to frighten him in a narrow area, making big moves will cause him to attack you more. PROTECT YOUR COLD BLOODY and take advantage of pepper spray and similar neutralizing sprays that you must have with you during your camping holiday.

If the Fox Attacks You…

The most feared aspect of these attacks is the risk of disease transmission. Foxes, which also feed on rodents, are potential carriers of rabies microbes. They also have the risk of seeing other diseases transmitted from rodents and avians. In a possible attack, being bitten by a fox causes these diseases to be caught through blood.

It often results in injury. The aim of the fox's attack is either to protect itself, to fend off you, or to think that you are prey during sleep; It will take place in an effort to get you out of the tent by catching you from the foot-leg area.

It is important to go to the nearest health institution as soon as possible in all kinds of fox attacks, whether small or large, it is very likely that you have received rabies microbe.

Note 1: Let's love animals, protect nature and ecological balance

Note 2: Only very beautiful animals, I can not pass without saying.

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