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Wild Boar – What You Need To Know About

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It is possible to come across Wild Boar almost everywhere in Turkey. They are animals especially encountered by campers as they roam at night. To summarize briefly, wild boar; It tastes and smells very well. It travels in flocks. It is both herbivorous and carnivorous, eating almost everything from plant roots, vegetables, fruits, reptiles and insects. Average 1.5m. in length, 1m. they are at height. They can weigh up to 300 kilos. They travel in flocks of 20. She can give birth to up to 12 cubs at a time. They do not like the heat very much, they sleep during the day and wander at night. The biggest enemy is humans. Its only major benefit is to dig up the soil in search of food, allowing it to aerate.

After this accelerated briefing, let's come to the main topic. Boars may seem shy, but due to their unpredictable movements, they are extremely dangerous animals.

  • About 15-20 km. they can run fast

  • They can cause serious damage due to their sharp jaw teeth.

  • They can contaminate water sources with their feces.

  • May transmit germs on contact and cause fire.

What can you do when you encounter a Wild Boar?

Pigs generally stay away from humans. Human odor 1-2 km. they can take it from afar and do not approach. The reason why it is as close as you can see is the bears; It may be because he is hungry or because he perceives you as a threat to his puppies.

  • Be careful in choosing paths as they hide and sleep in dense undergrowth

  • In case of encounter, turn right back and walk away calmly, after a while you can try by walking around the road you came across.

  • If you feel aggressive, the best thing you can do is climb a tree nearby. If possible, it is safer to be over 3m.

  • The first approach of the Boar towards you will be to understand you. If it doesn't run, no problem. In his second approach, he tests you by running and shows his strength by saying "Look how fast I can run" . His next run will be to attack. However, there is no certainty that things will turn out like this. Pigs show little signs and are unpredictable.

  • If he attacks you and you have nowhere to run, waiting for him to approach you and stepping aside quickly buys you time. Pigs cannot turn quickly due to their inflexible nature.

  • If you have physical contact, try not to fall to the ground, they can do much more damage when you fall. Try to hold on as much as possible, maybe you can't hurt, but if you endure enough, you have a chance to survive. According to statistics, attacks on people last around 1 minute.

General information about the Boar

  • They roam in herds

  • They are all male or all female, they only come together with their females during the mating period (November – January).

  • Contrary to popular belief, they cannot sharpen their teeth, they break them because the growing teeth damage the jaw.

  • A pig's footprint is similar to a goat's footprint.

  • It uses its fur as armor by dipping it in soil and mud.

  • Boar is very active in full moon

  • They cannot change direction quickly due to their neck structure.

  • He takes a mud bath to get rid of parasites in his body.

  • Average life expectancy is 10 years

  • Extremely aggressive and dangerous if injured

It is dangerous to approach and feed pigs. I have encountered it 1-2 times, it was quite an unsettling experience. It's important to be careful.
Enjoyable and safe trips…

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