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Riot Games Will Impose 'No Queue' Penalty for Those Who Remain AFK

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Riot Games is committed to tackling the rotten apples within the League of Legends community. Two experts on the behavior system discussed AFK behavior and talked about a new "no queue" system. According to the outlines of the system, repetitive behavior will no longer be tolerated.

In a blog post titled "Fighting AFK" , design leader BarackProbama and product manager TimTamMonster , who are part of League of Legends' Behavior Systems Team, talked about the new type of punishment. It is planned to prevent players who remain AFK with this type of penalty, which will be different from the queue delay used until now.

Penalty for not being able to queue at the door

According to the current penalty system, AFK entrusts situations such as staying or leaving the game to LeaverBuster. In the LeaverBuster system, there is a low priority queue penalty for such players . Thus, the player has to wait a certain amount of time before entering a match again.

Since Riot Games is not very happy with this solution, it plans to implement a new penalty system. This penalty system, called no queue up, will introduce mega delays to offending players and prevent them from playing for days.

Stating that 9% of the players around the world stay AFK consistently, the team states that a few minutes of delay between games is not enough. To further reduce this rate and weed out offending players from the community, Riot Games will try its new solution, the "can't queue" penalty.

Penalty will be imposed according to the rank

Riot Games will expand the tier system for penalties to be applied. The queue delay will continue to be applied to the players in the first three tiers according to the tiers. Players in the fourth to seventh stage will be penalized for not being able to queue up.

StepUnable to QueueQueue Delay
0none0 minutes
onenone5 minutes for 5 games
2ndnone10 minutes for 5 games
3none15 minutes for 5 games
4 (new)1 day15 minutes for 5 games
5 (new)3 days15 minutes for 5 games
6 (new)7 days15 minutes for 5 games
7 (new)14 days15 minutes for 5 games

Starting from the fourth tier, the queue up penalty will result in players not being able to enter a match for one day. The higher the rank, the longer the penalty period. For example, in the seventh step, the penalty period will increase to 14 days. However, even if the penalty for not getting in line ends, the delay penalty will continue.

Riot Games will also roll up their sleeves to reward good behavior. The current system currently makes it difficult to reduce penalties at higher penalty levels. As a solution to this, the reasons behind the player behavior will be examined and necessary solutions will be planned.

There is no clear information yet on when the new system, which includes the penalty for not being able to queue, will be put into practice. But most likely Riot Games will first try this system on servers like Oceania. Then the system will be transferred to all servers globally.

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