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Land of War - The Beginning To Debut Today

Note: Land of War – The Beginning release has been delayed at the last minute. The developers have not given a new date at this time. The reason was explained as the presence of symbols in the game that are prohibited by German law. The developers have already made changes and will wait for the approval of the revised version. Below we quote an excerpt from the press release sent by MS Games.

“We would like to inform you that in the German version of Land of War: The Beginning we have to postpone the current version due to problems with the presence of prohibited symbols. The game is already completed and fully playable, but in the revised version for the German market , we will provide details of the Land of War's last release date Friday, 28.05.2021 . Considering all the factors, MS Games wants the lag to be as little as possible, we will do our best. “

Original News:

Land of War: The Beginning, a first-person shooter set in Europe in the early period of World War II, will debut today. The game will only be released on PC and will be available on Steam around 19:00 CET. Obviously, we were excited to see an FPS game that focuses on the second world war, apart from brands such as Call of Duty and Battlefield . We have added the gameplay video of the game for you below.
The story of Land of War: The Beginning will combine historical events with fictional themes. The main character of the game will be Piotr Kowalski, a soldier of the Polish Army. Shortly after Germany's invasion of Poland, the hero will be involved in an intrigue that will determine the fate of his homeland and the whole world.

The Steam page of the game, the price of which has not been announced yet, has been opened and as we mentioned above, it will be available at 19:00 in about two hours.

The game will be the first work of an independent Polish studio MS Games. The company will also act as a publisher for this project. FPS games rarely deal with the war in Poland during World War II. Therefore we hope the game is worth attention as it is a unique theater of operations with a variety of equipment that is rarely seen.

If you are thinking of buying this game called Land of War: The Beginning, we have added the system requirements of the game to our article.

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