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Tales of Arise Game Review

The Man In The Iron Mask And The Thorns

The story of Tales of Arise takes place in the universe of twin planets Dahna and Rena. The order between the two planets, which have existed together for many years, is disrupted when Rena takes over Dahna with her advanced technology. Dahna, once a fertile planet, is partitioned by walls and the people of Dahna are enslaved and forced to work for Rena. Despite the fact that various resistance units have been established in each region, the thing that will shake the order that has been going on for 300 years will be a man who has lost his memory and a woman from Rena who is trying to be caught by her own people.

We start the story with Alphen, who cannot remember the time he was in a year ago, with an iron mask on his face that he cannot take off. Everyone calls him Iron Mask because he doesn't even remember his name. Alphen, who is in the freight train attacked by the resistance group, jumps forward without thinking to protect the thing carried on the overturned train, a woman who is obviously Rena with her bright eyes, from the soldiers. This is how we meet Rena's Shionne, who carries the curse called "Spikes" that harms anyone who touches her. 

Incapable of feeling pain, Alphen and Shionne, who are declared traitors by her own people, are found by the resistance forces and decide to take action with them to stop the realm lord. The quest to stop the lords with the Burning Sword, which Shionne possesses and can only be used by Alphen because it feels painless, turns into something much bigger with new friends and unexpected events.

The game's story offers everything I expected from the JRPG genre. We find ourselves in the middle of a well-written story when we say that the team, which set out with a relatively small purpose, finds themselves in bigger events, both getting to know themselves better and improving their relations with their teammates, deaths, betrayals, unexpected events. I don't want to go into too much detail about the story and give spoilers. I also need to explain the workings of the world, the energy of the Dahna people, and items such as the Master Core, which takes the study to a whole new level. 

Our team consists of 6 characters in total. The characters are all well written and lovable. We don't have to play with characters we don't like just because they have a good talent. During the main story, which progresses in a linear way, we also get to know the characters next to us. The characters are constantly talking to each other. While walking around, they talk about what they see around, taunt each other during the war, and make comments about the day by the campfire. There are a lot of things that are unrelated to the main story but strengthen your bond with the characters, such as Alphen and Law exchanging ideas to get stronger, Kisara and Shionne talking about cooking, other characters' ideas about how Rinwell can use magic. 

We Enter the War at Full Power

The story of the game is as good as I expect from a JRPG game, so let's have a look at the gameplay. With Tales of Arise, major changes have been made to the system used in the old games of the series. We roam freely on the map of the game and collect trinkets from the environment and move on to the next mission. In the meantime, it is possible to attack the enemies we see on the road or to escape from them quickly. So far, it doesn't look that different from the old Tales games, except for a couple of extras. The real change comes when we go to war.

When we fight with the enemy, the borders of the battlefield are determined and we can roam freely in that area and do normal attacks as we want. As in the previous game of the series, Tales of Berseria, there is a real-time combat system. In addition to normal attacks with our characters, we can also use special attacks called "Arte". Arte techniques range from magical attacks that damage the enemy, to melee attacks that take the power of various elements, and even grenades. Unlike the old games, the techniques we use do not use mana, but a unit called AG, which is self-filled.

We can choose the character we want while walking on the map or entering the fights. It is also possible to quickly switch to the other character during the battle. Each character has their own special abilities and characteristics that affect the course of the war. For example, Kisara stands out as the only defensive character of our team. While other characters can roll around and escape from the enemy, Kisara has a chance to stop the opponent with her big shield. Rinwell, the main spell caster of the group, can charge spells and send them to the opponent in stronger or different forms. 4 people can participate in the main fight, while two characters are waiting as support. 

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