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Retro Machina Review

Retro Machina is the newest game from Orbit Studio, a small development studio based in Brazil. The game offers a unique world full of puzzles and mysteries to solve, but unfortunately this fascinating and stylish world is covered with a thick layer of disappointment that may be too repulsive for some.

Retro Machina is now based on exploring the remnants of humanity with structures filled with various automatons. The player controls an unnamed robot that is thought to be defective during the game's opening moments and is driven from the city. To fix itself, the robot must explore various biomes to find what they need, while also putting together a narrative of human despair.

One of the main mechanics of the game is the ability to control other robots. While within range, robots can connect to the player and, working together, simulate a common approach to puzzle solving and fighting. Puzzles involving this mechanism offer interesting, varied and highly creative solutions, but it's really impractical to use in combat. Locking and syncing time for another robot provides countless opportunities to get hit, and actually controlling another robot creates slow, cumbersome and unnecessarily risky moments, as the player and the controlled robot share health.

The best part of the game called Retro Machina is the art and sound design. Orbit Studio has devoted a laborious time and effort to this world, hand-drawing every setting and entity to stay true to the old Art Deco aesthetic. Sound design and venues are expertly crafted. The sound design makes you feel every shot you make, and the spaces reflect the mood the game wants to convey to you very well. These elements work together to provide a sense of wonder, solitude and melancholy that stimulates the desire to explore.

Retro Machina offers a semi-open world that requires you to return a lot to unlock new areas and puzzles . Most of the time, this process is quite enjoyable, but the map of the game is a bit confusing. The map has been condensed and false, further worsened by the huge player position marker that takes up most of the real estate on the screen. So the player actually seems to be stuck at the same point as he passes through two or three parts of a given area. Although puzzles are the best part of the game, these difficulties in reaching them reduce your pleasure.

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