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Warframe Review

Warframe is an addictive online game that combines melee action, fast shooting and extraordinary character mobility with mission-based progression, exciting multiplayer battles and brilliant sci-fi visuals. The game is not new; Warframe has been in our lives for about seven years. As a result, beginners will find Warframe a content-rich experience despite its grind-heavy, free-to-play nature.

The biggest problem with Warframe is the end-game content. Late game content, which includes MMO-style activities such as fishing, animal grabbing, and mining, completely strays from the action-oriented core of the game. Still, Warframe is full of exciting moments, so if you're looking for an action-packed PC game, don't miss this one.

You play as Tenno, a person who is physically attached to several biomechanical surrogate bodies known as Warframe. These advanced bodies possess incredible acrobatic abilities and superhuman powers. So, at your core, you control a sci-fi ninja who hacks, cuts and shoots many threats attacking the galaxy. The reward is the loot used to improve your arsenal, improve your Warframes and of course improve your appearance.
Warframe is mostly a mission-based game that tasks you with visiting various planets to defeat genetically modified humanoid warmongers, giant robots and other threats that present themselves as you progress through the story. Missions include target assassinations, escorting or rescuing NPCs, collecting a key item, or fighting a large boss character.

In almost every mission, your Warframe slices, weakens and explodes any enemy that comes between you and your target. Still, there is some strategy for creating a massacre. There's a fantastic degree of verticality thanks to the levels, and even the indoor environments combine multi-level architecture and alternate paths, giving you a choice whether you want to rush in blazing guns or sneak through stages to avoid alarms and thwart stealth murders.

The Warframe combat mechanics are unlike the juggling-based action of Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden, but there are a lot of game improvements that can be easily combined with these games. In many ways, the action has a Platinum Games feel. As with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Warframe gives you a basic melee combo sequence, automatic deflection tactic against ballistics activated while running, and shockingly high mobility and speed. Warframes can smoothly slide, jump, jump off the wall, double jump, and take a direct attack at any point during these actions, which feels great.

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