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Resident Evil Village Review

Before Resident Evil Village begins its story, Resident Evil 7 was both an exit and a return to a series known for its survival horror roots and its emphasis on exploring unknown, disturbed environments. It felt like a Resident Evil game because of its themes, characters, and plot, but has put it in a different form since you saw the world from a first person perspective in a more linear adventure.

A few years later, Resident Evil Village continues this format, but some new mechanics have taken it a step further. This was a sequel that allowed us to rethink the hero's story and take more steps in the right direction, covering the essence of what made the original games so fun in the first place. It's a survival horror that offers a rich mix of action, supernatural moments, and classic suspense that ultimately tries to tell a fascinating horror story.

Plenty of Horror Movie Motifs in the Village

In the previous game, Ethan was looking for this lost wife; she now goes on an adventure in a snowy European village in search of her kidnapped daughter. The village serves as the center of the game, which combines four distinct regions that you must visit at the end. I'm not going to give too much detail, let's say the main goal will require exploring each of these locations in the environment, obtaining the essentials, and moving towards the next goal. It is more linear than previous games but the impressive and unique environment of each region easily makes up for this.

In fact, you will quickly realize that this is a very different Resident Evil, as it does not rely on previous metaphors like zombies or what we call jumpscare fears to reveal feelings of fear or horror. Yes, there is a lot of blood and even a very disturbing sequence where you have to hide from a weird, crying baby. But more importantly, Village is inspired by the classic horror motifs of vampires, werewolves and demonic ventriloquist dolls to create a disturbing ambiance in every region you visit.

It was very surreal and disturbing, especially to walk through a field covered with scarecrows only to realize that these were corpses planted with sticks. It was also very uncomfortable to walk with a drill for an arm that knew it could wake up from the side of a still body at any moment. The village's fears are uncertain and you will be surprised at how scary daylight can be as most of the story takes place on a cloudy day. You don't just need dark corridors, caves or monsters hiding in the shadows, while the art of the game works effectively to deliver a creepy, mysterious and ultimately creepy experience. Moreover, all of these things I mentioned are present in the game.

Each region within Resident Evil Village is also designed to provide a unique gaming experience and is very different from other games. For example, the castle looks very similar to the mansion in the original game, with locked doors, secret entrances, and rooms where you need to return when you find the key or item. It's similar to the original games and has enough action and suspense to keep you guessing what will happen next. The next two areas are more prone to exploration or action, respectively, and the final zone is a mix of the two. Because you can only access them in a certain order, each region offers its own unique playstyle and helps to speed the narrative of the game, which separates action-packed fights from quiet moments.

The enemies are also uniquely designed and all have their own weaknesses for you to take advantage of. The puzzles of the game are pitifully easy to solve, but since you will compete to find the best way to approach them, fighting some enemies and boss characters has essentially replaced the puzzle challenge. Fear of light environment aside, these moments are maturing with excitement as you will have to keep moving, dodging attacks and firing hoping that you will eventually fall. If you have taken your time, the game will definitely encourage you to explore your surroundings as some of the documentation provides hints of the creatures' weaknesses.

The item box from past games is gone, and your inventory system now separates core mission items from your regular weapons and survival tools. This helps remove the burden of not picking up a particular item for fear that you may not have room to use it later, but it also speeds up your own actions while playing the game. Since the pace is steady, the game is stable and not too fast or too slow.

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