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Hood: Outlaws & Legends Review

With games like Assassin's Creed showing just how fun it can be to take down guards and climb treetops, it was only a matter of time before a game like Hood: Outlaws & Legends came along. Creating a dark and gritty air on legendary characters, Hood: Outlaws & Legends has managed to implement a unique multiplayer style with plenty of room to grow. The problem is that the basic game lacks depth and your willingness to continue decreases as your playing time increases.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends features four playable characters, each a rough translation of Robin Hood and his usual companions. Marian is a crossbow-wielding hunter alongside a hooded Robin, John is a warrior who breaks down doors with a sledgehammer, and Tooke is a mage with the ability to turn prayers into healing magic and a fireball. Oddly enough, the game doesn't prevent players from choosing more than one of each hero, meaning that four Robins can face off against three Johns and one Marian in an online game. This was a disappointing choice as it made character-specific abilities less meaningful in the long run. John is the only character who can open certain doors, but there's always another way because there's no guarantee a team will have him.

Hood: The launch mode released for Outlaws & Legends features two teams sneaking across five different maps to secure a treasure chest. Each round offers quite similar gameplay, changing things up with just random placement of The Sheriff. This villain is one of Hood's best features. Our villain is a towering armored figure that looks like it came straight out of Dead by Daylight. He enjoys destroying any player who dares cross his path and swearing if a player escapes. Getting Sherriff in the path of the entire opposing team and watching them dissolve has been both a great strategic move and a funny way of adding chaos to progress.

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