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Samsung Galaxy A73 Comes With 108MP Main Camera

In the latest information shared for the Samsung Galaxy A73, it was stated that the device will have a 108 MP main camera. 
The first phone with a 108 MP main camera was released as of November 2019. While this huge camera, featured in the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 model, was considered a great innovation for the period, Samsung had chosen the current resolution only in the S and Note series until now. In this regard, the fact that a new camera sensor will be included in the Galaxy A73 model also shows that the company has made a new opening in the camera field.

According to the latest information from South Korea, a high-end camera sensor will be used in the model that the company will release. The Galaxy A73, which will be supported by a 108 MP main camera, will thus be able to establish a significant advantage over its competitors with its camera in the middle class segment.

Samsung Xiaomi competition heats up!

The fact that Xiaomi's high-resolution camera was included in many models in the middle segment made the brand stand out more in the competition. Now, wanting to balance this situation, Samsung is starting a new era in its mid-range models. The company aims to make the phones much more attractive with high camera equipment in the new models it will launch.
It will be seen in detail in the coming periods how the new era, which will begin with the Samsung Galaxy A73, will change the balance and how much it will attract Samsung users.

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