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Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra So Ambitious!

Leaks keep coming for the Galaxy Tab 8 Ultra. The new model could make a big difference to all models to date.

New information about the Galaxy Tab 8 Ultra, which will be Samsung's new tablet model, showed that a very ambitious model will be released. Moreover, some sources use such assertive statements that they claim that tablets with the potential to replace laptop computers will start a new era in the industry.

What will the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra offer?

According to the latest information shared about the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, it was stated that a professional tablet will be developed. The new tablet model, which will continue to be supported with the Android operating system, also has Samsung's special pen S Pen support . Users will be able to use new technologies such as Samsung DeX on the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, as well as obtaining practical use with sliding windows and pen support.
According to the details in the report, the new tablet will be launched by Samsung in the first months of 2022. The screen, which is expected to be larger than 14.6 inches, is expected to have 2960x 1848 pixels and exceed 2K resolution . In the previous leaks, it was stated that the current tablet can be preferred by those who want to work on digital images and videos, as well as the consumption of games and content, and thus the devices will offer much more efficiency. It can already be seen that the device will offer a flawless performance with a large battery with a capacity of 11500 mAh and refresh rate of 120hz

In previous leaks, it was announced that the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will have 12GB of RAM, 512GB of storage, dual rear cameras. The great similarity between the previous report and the newly shared report did not go unnoticed, but also strengthened the allegations.

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