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5 Short Films to Keep Your Motivational

Short films are very effective mediators to convey an emotion to the other side or to get a message while watching. Motivation is also one of the important needs for people involved in working life. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to use short films to seize this need.

First of all, let me state this. In the following short films, we were able to select a few films in this way, taking care to compile films that people of all languages ​​can understand. However, we did not want to exclude some films that are very valuable and very good at giving motivation, just because they are in English. For this reason, we would like to apologize first if we have missed any language readers. Our listings don't have a 'good to bad' order, we try not to rank them in general. However, let's say that we placed films that do not require language in the first place in this list. Let's start listing the movies by wishing you a good time.


How are you with animation productions? Even if it's bad, don't worry, The Choice can tell you what it wants to tell in a very simple and short way. With this three-minute production, we can see the effects of our instant decisions on long-term situations in our lives. We Have The Opportunity.


This short film that allows us to look at Mondays in a different way makes great use of soundtracks and reduces the need for words in this way. It is possible to grasp the narrative easily even without knowing any language, if you need five minutes of motivation, MONDAY may be the right movie for you.

The Beginning 

Going between being a short film and being a vlog, The Beginning has compelling storytelling and is highly motivating for many of us. This video, which I came across in Peter Mckinnon's short film competition, is about the fact that a rapid bottoming cannot stop a young woman named Jordyn who dreams of filmmaking. Indeed, we can say that it is a job that can be reserved for 10 minutes.


You might also like this one-minute short film. Putting the necessity of being motivated towards life and every new day in a very crucial place, The Life quickly reminds us that every moment is a choice. Of course, what to do with this type of message is also a choice as a result, isn't it? Anyway sir, have a good time.

The Neighbors' Window

I can say that this movie has important motivations for our stance on life. It is not possible to say that what motivates us in this Oscar-winning movie is our business lives. However, I don't want to say anything that spoils the surprise about the scenario, which is quite impressive. For this reason, let's leave you alone with this 'long' short film. Try to experience this beautiful work during your tea break. Believe me, you won't regret it.

Apart from the films we mentioned, do you have any short film recommendations that you think will motivate other people reading our article? We will be happy to see you in the comments, sir.

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