Apple threatened to remove the social media network from the app store over allegations of "human trafficking". The event attracted great attention around the world.

It turned out that a strong wind blew between Apple and Facebook in 2019. In a report by the BBC in 2019, it was reported that traffickers in the Middle East used all their activities on Facebook. After these news, which took place in world-followed sources such as The Wall Street Journal after the BBC, a much more interesting development took place in the past days. 

According to the news in The Wall Street Journal, there was a controversial process between Apple and Facebook due to the events in 2019. Apple threatened to delete Facebook from the App Store after the news began to be published.

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One of the most striking details in the news in the BBC and The Wall Street Journal was that Facebook was aware of the human trafficking problem before the news. Moreover, according to the allegations, although Facebook was aware of this situation, it did not take any concrete steps. However, Facebook, which was intimidated by Apple, had to go through a comprehensive arrangement with the news being more on the agenda.

In the current period, Facebook-focused news did not include this discussion between Apple and Facebook and Apple's serious threat to the social media giant.