Factors such as having acquaintances somewhere and the status of a torpedo are not something we encounter only when hiring or in big tenders. Please don't be angry that I mention having a network together with the torpedo, because you know it secretly. We can call the most innocent name of familiar favoritism 'Network', right?

As we said above, there is no such thing as having connections will win you big tenders. Sometimes small things to come to mind, small business pass can also make you 'torpedo' compared to other people, but let's face it here, the biggest difference between a network and a normal bow is mostly merit. Which actually makes him pretty innocent. Often times, the way to build strong connections is to keep in touch with a variety of people while successfully getting through big projects. In this way, when they come across a job, if it is related to your field, they will pass the job to you. Especially if these acquaintances carry themselves to the stage of intimacy, you have lived! Now you have a big back, you have brothers somewhere(!)

Without Network, Success and Revenue are Hard

I shouldn't sound like I'm complaining, but I'm going to do something on this blog that I don't do much and give an example from myself. I'm not talking about a problem here either because I'm aware of the situation and I know what I have to do.

My own website (I 'm not talking about WM Tool, of course ) is one of the most trafficked websites with the youngest staff and an active community. At this point, the analyzes of various institutions show us that we do not just flatter ourselves. However, at the end of the day, the financial income of some addresses that we know personally and have much lower traffic than my site is 3 times more for some and 10 times for others. Here, I would like to remind you that their traffic is lower than ours.

In order to avoid misunderstanding, let me reiterate, I don't beat my knees by saying "Why do they earn more than us", I am quite aware of the situation. Even though we are in similar areas, their sites have been open for much longer than us, they have been shaking the hands of brands and agencies for much longer. This, of course, causes them to be the first thing that comes to mind in case of any advertisement or joint project. The fact that their assets are based on earlier dates also brings the high level of trust.

If we think about it, we can make sense that the only success rule in the internet sector is traffic. However, when we get into the business a little bit, we can easily see that the situation is different from this. Also, there is nothing wrong with getting angry about it. As a result, points such as becoming reliable and meeting people are basically connected to two places. We can summarize these two places as time and effort. When we strive long enough, there will be an unavoidable reward for us to become trustworthy. On the other hand, we can fill our 'Network' deficiency with the people we meet and the institutions we shake hands with during this effort.

What do you think of your connection portfolio? Do you have a long way to go? Let's discuss in the comments.