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   Date :     14-10-2021, 00:53
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Yubico Announces Security Keys With Fingerprint Reader!

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Yubico has announced a new series of security keys that allow you to unlock accounts with a fingerprint. Looking at older models , they used technology that required entering a PIN and then tapping the key to log in , but the new version only allows one-tap authentication. The USB-A version of YubiKey Bio comes with a price tag of $ 80 and the USB-C version of $ 85 .

The YubiKey Bio series can be used like a regular security key, so it's an advanced security technology that helps you log into services without having to fiddle with passwords or act as a second factor in addition to something like a password or authentication code from your phone. Bio yubikeyPasswordGoogle ChromeMicrosoft accounts, Twitter integrated into a wide variety of applications and services and more, including one in use.

Technically speaking, FIDO Universal Second Factor and FIDO2WebAuthn, so we want to say that anything that supports these standards should also be compatible with it.

It's worth mentioning that the Bio keys don't support NFC either , so you might want to consider other options to avoid moving your iPhone from USB to Lightning dongleYubico is launching the 5C NFC key for as little as $55 .  

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