It is not easy to recruit people during ongoing health crises, especially for businesses that cannot respond to remote work. However, these businesses are coming up with new ways to give people special incentives for their physical presence. Apparently, McDonald's restaurant in Illinois gives their employees an iPhone phone free of charge in exchange for a six-month job.

As mentioned earlier, a McDonald's restaurant in Illinois “I'm hiring now. He put up a sign saying "Free iPhone". Notice that at the bottom of the sign, the company also mentions that employees must meet employment criteria. This means that McDonald's could potentially have its own terms and conditions for the deal to pass. One of these criteria is that MacDonald only gives his employees a free iPhone if they are hung up for at least six months.

If you leave the job before six months, the deal will be canceled and the employee will not be given a free iPhone. Given that fast-food businesses face collapse when it comes to recruiting new staff, this is one way to recruit people in the outbreak. However, a free iPhone is a good reward for job seekers at McDonald's.

We are seeing a trend in how companies are willing to give incentives and bonuses to their employees. Earlier we heard that Foxconn offers new hires a bonus for working for a period of 3 months. This is due to the increasing demand for iPhones.