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MrBeast Organized $456,000 Squid Game

American Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson, one of the most popular YouTubers in the world, organized a real-life Squid Game inspired by Netflix's Squid Game series. In the competition, where the similarity of the games in the series was applied, the winner was given a prize of 456,000 dollars.

Squid Game , which has managed to attract the attention of many TV series and movie enthusiasts since the day it was published , continues to appear in different ways every day. MrBeast, one of the most famous YouTube publishers in the world, adapted the series to real life and published the contest on his YouTube channel.

Contest Named Mr Beast Game

MrBeast, one of the world's leading YouTube publishers when considering the entertainment category, announced a while ago that it would prepare a Squid Game-like contest for its followers. The popular publisher, who named the contest Mr Beast Game , spared no production costs for it.

MrBeast built a studio from the ground up to replicate the setting in the Squid Game series. As in the series, it was announced that the grand prize in the competition, in which 456 people participated, was $ 456,000 . Since the order of the games in the competition is almost the same as in the series, the green light - red light game was played for the contestants in the first game .

In the Squid Game series, those who acted during this game were killed. Since there will be no such thing in MrBeast's game, a device was placed on each competitor. Thus, the eliminated players were determined by making an explosion sound from their moving players.

When the green light - red light game was completed, 232 people remained from 456 people . The candy mold game was played for 232 people . After this game, 140 players remained. The players struggled in the tug-of- war game. There are 60 players left from this game . Matches were made surprisingly among 60 people and the marble game was played.

After the marble game, 30 people remained. A game of reversing the card with another card was played to 30 people . This game from the remaining 16 persons is similar to the glass breaking game but played a game with a lot less risk in terms of human health. This was the penultimate game and only 6 out of 16 made it to the final.

In the final game, there was a chair grab , which is one of the simple games that many people know . Among the players participating in the chair grab game , player number 79 managed to win the game. With this success, he pocketed the $56,000 prize .

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