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What is the Bounce Rate?

The most important data sources of e-commerce companies are the behavior of visitors to their websites. As a result of the analysis made in the light of these behaviors, they can identify the points that need improvement in e-commerce sites, identify which areas can be highlighted and how different strategies can be developed. At the same time, these analyzes provide important information on understanding visitors' interest in products or content. One of the analyzed behaviors of website visitors is tracking bounce rate or bounce rate.

What is This Bounce Rate aka Bounce Rate?

The point that determines the bounce rate is when a visitor who enters the website reads the first page he opened and leaves the site without entering another page. It shows how many times visitors leave the site after reading the first page they visited.

Bounce Rate, More Than A Number

One of the biggest goals of any e-commerce or content site is to keep visitors on their sites. As the duration of e-commerce sites keeping their visitors within the website increases, their probability of making sales increases. For content sites that do not make any sales, this period will increase the number of users who register or follow the e-mail list. These are all important factors that increase the value of websites. The best way to achieve this is to find ways for them to navigate the website.

Is It Always Bad to Have a High Bounce Rate?

You cannot always infer that you have a failed website with a high bounce rate. Because the analysis of this ratio varies according to the website. In order for an e-commerce site to be successful, its visitors must stay on the site longer and navigate between different products. An e-commerce site with a low bounce rate will have higher sales accordingly. However, a high bounce rate for a blog site or content site that provides information to its visitors about the topic they are looking for is not a sign of failure. Because the purpose of such websites is to attract visitors who want to get information on a subject. It will not be a problem for them to leave the website after receiving the information.

What Should Be The Average Bounce Rate?

As a result of the analysis of the websites, it is seen that the bounce rate averages vary according to the sector. The averages of each sector can be considered as the ideal value when evaluating the results.

Bounce rate averages by sector:

  • E-commerce sites between 20% and 40%,
  • Corporate sites between 30% and 50%,
  • News sites between 40% and 60%,
  • Service sector sites 40% to 60%
  • Blog sites are between 70% and 98%.
Although it is seen as an average value of 40% for e-commerce sites among industry averages, the lower it is, the better for success.

Tips to Lower Bounce Rate in 3 Steps

If your website has a high bounce rate, you should pay attention to some points and make improvements.

1. The design of your website

If your website has a high bounce rate, the first point you need to check is your design. You should look at your website as a visitor and you can identify distracting or inconspicuous points and make improvements on them.

2. Contents

If there is no problem with the design of your website, it will be useful to review your content. The bounce rate may not decrease because the contents on the site or the products you offer do not attract the attention of visitors. You should check if your content is in the wrong category and also make sure it is under an accessible menu. In addition, you should always check whether your content is compatible with SEO.

3.Site opening speed

One of the important factors affecting your website's bounce rate is site opening speed. Testing the first opening speed of your website will be a guide to you in bounce rate analysis. If images load late or the page takes a long time to open, your visitors may not wait long and leave your website.

There are many steps to be taken so that your target audience can easily discover you and that your users who come to the site do not leave your site immediately. It is a matter of experience to plan these steps in order and to implement them correctly. At this point, you need to work with a reliable team. Sempeak, which we have seen in quality works until today, can help you in this regard.

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