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What is Adobe Lightroom?

Adobe LightroomIt is a program for storing and batch processing high-size photos produced for macOSWindows and mobile platforms.
It is a program that works on compiling and editing photos on the basis of Adobe LightroomIt is similar to Adobe Photoshop but has important differences. The main differences are that Lightroom has a simpler interface and provides ease of editing and compiling tens of thousands of photos at the same time. Although we may not have many possibilities on a single image, it is the most used program for multiple editing, archiving and especially RAW image processing.

What Does Adobe Lightroom Do?
In the field of photography, taking the picture is half the job. The remaining half is editing, optimizing and archiving that photo. Photographers never leave the place they are by taking 5 10 images. It is very important to sort, organize and archive hundreds or thousands of photographs taken. In this regard, you can organize the photos you have taken in a very serial way and archive them very easily depending on the tag or date.

As we said, the feature that distinguishes Lightroom from the photo editing programs in its field is that it offers very fast and practical processing and RAW processing. If you are an entry-level photographer, you may not have heard of the RAW file processing logic. A RAW file is generally a camera's recording of the photo without processing it with all the data data. So processed JPEG file 4 MB when RAW file is 25MB 'is. Especially on professional photographers, they use RAW files for better processing and to capture the most accurate angle . Adobe Lightroom You can view these files and allow you to operate on them comfortably.

What is the Difference between Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom? We have answered the question of what is
Adobe Photoshop and what is it good for in this article. To sum up this answer, Adobe Photoshop is indispensable in the field of photo editing manipulation techniques. There is no limit to what you can do with layers on a single picture.

In Adobe Lightroom , you can access all kinds of retouching, contrast, light corrections, converting to black and white, adding vignetting, noise reduction, sharpening, white balance, perspective correction, etc. that you can do in Photoshop . The biggest difference is Lightroom., there are no layers and manipulation is really difficult in this program. However, if there are dozens or hundreds of images waiting for you that will not work on a single image, you can edit them all in Lightroom very practically and archive them with the filters you want.  

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