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What is Adobe After Effects?

After Effects is a video composition and post-production program published by Adobe , which has many similar design and production software . Adobe After Effects , which is generally used in motion graphics production , works with layer logic such as similar non-linear video production programs Shake and Combustion .

Each element added to the project, such as video, photography, vector graphics, and music, takes place in a separate layer and interacts with other layers. Advantages and disadvantages Although it is much more functional than editing-montage programs such as Premiere , Final Cut, Avid, it is not as practical as these programs when editing videos, since it has composition software features.

Using the audio channel in real time is cumbersome, operations such as cutting/pasting on video, going forward/backward in time are relatively more difficult. That's why it's often used in conjunction with an edit-montage program. In addition to a wide range of uses, from the commercials we watch on television to the intro credits of the programs, it can also be used to create special effects in movies professionally. Many Adobe frequently used in the market such as

PhotoshopFlashPremiereEncoreSince the broadcast can work in harmony with the program, it has an expanding user base and software support day by day. In addition to its existing effects and filters, it is possible to find countless resources on the internet for After Effects , which can be enriched with third-party software and plug-ins .

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