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What Is Adobe Illustrator and What Is It Used For?

Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based graphics program developed by AdobeIt can be said that Illustrator is a graphics program in general, thanks to its details, it distinguishes Illustrator from other software.

The latest version of the program, Illustrator CC , is also the 17th IllustratorAdobe Illustrator is probably the most used and loved vector design program in the industry right now. Although Freehand and Corel Draw were used before, today Adobe Illustrator has taken the lead by far with what it offers.

You can create and edit vector illustrations with Adobe Illustrator . In general, the interface and usage of the software is similar to PhotoshopIt is one of the most important graphics software in Adobe .

What are the Differences Between Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop ?

In fact, although the functions of both are similar, one is pixel-based ( Photoshop ) and the other is vector-based ( Illustator ) drawing programs. For example, although it is possible to make a logo in both programs, it is generally preferred that these types of works are vectorial.
You ask why? If the prepared logo is to be rearranged or resized and shaped in the future, being pixel-based will cause it to deteriorate naturally. The type of graphic created in Photoshop, which we call “ bitmap ” , cannot be resized without losing pixels or quality.

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