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What is Syntax? Syntax Error and Syntax Highlighter

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What is Syntax? We will talk about it in this article. We will also touch on Syntax error and Syntax Highlighter. What is Syntax? Syntax means syntax in Turkish. All of the language rules used in programming are called syntax.

Syntax is the science that deals with a written word in order. Just as there is an order of element sequences in Turkish, the same is true in programming languages. The languages used in all programming used on the computer have a sequence rule, just like the languages we use in our daily lives. Within the framework of this rule, everything becomes easily understandable by humans and machines. When the rules are violated or any deficiencies are made, the code cannot be interpreted and appears as an error. This event is called Syntax Error .

Syntax Error

The main reason for the Syntax Error we mentioned above to occur is a syntax error made during code writing. For example, the symbol placed in the wrong place or used in the wrong place in the code sequence will cause you to get a Syntax error, while leaving any command open will cause you to get a Syntax Error . In short, minor sequencing errors you make in the code software will not allow the program to work correctly and will cause you to receive a Syntax error.

The way to minimize the errors encountered in programming is undoubtedly to use the Syntax Highlighter feature. When you use the Syntax Highlighter code editor, you are slightly less likely to get a Syntax error.

Syntax Highlighter

Even to make a very simple project, we have to write codes consisting of many characters. Countless character strings and lines of code will be enough to confuse you. In such cases, the Syntax Highlighter editor will make your work quite comfortable. As the detail of any project to be done increases, the number of code to be written and the number of codes to be edited will increase considerably. If you do the things with an ordinary text editor, mistakes will occur and you will have a hard time finding the mistakes made. 

All these events we have mentioned have happened to almost everyone who is trying to design a project. For this reason, many software developers use the Syntax Highlighter editor, that is, the code editor that has the ability to color the syntax. With this editor, it becomes much simpler to separate all the code written with this editor. Syntax Highlighter will warn you by indicating incorrect code spellings and color differences, and will also present the written codes to you in recognizable and different colors.

With Syntax Highlighter, your chance of making code mistakes that may cause Syntax Error will decrease and your time to find coding errors and typos will be shortened considerably.

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